Mauro Ferreira concept designer

I was born in 1984 and have always been, since a young age, in contact with consoles and video-games (ah... The nostalgic Spectrum and its endless loadings while crossing fingers hopping it would work). I have been always fascinated with everything image related, from the game covers to the manuals, and later with Magic Cards, on which beside being an awful player I was always making bad choices trading cards for the ones with the images I liked the best.

With an academic path connected with Architecture early on I drifted from the project area to the graphic area of studios I worked at, being responsible for the created images, which granted me numerous collaborations either national and international.

Later, by accepting a challenge in graphic design and visual merchandising area, I kept developing my skills not only by learning new tools, but also by developing projects for stores and for product launch campaigns.

My path took me later into being invited by a school to lecture Photoshop, as well as helping the school in the coordination department, but always keeping a strict relation with the creative area.

At the moment beside Photoshop & Sketchup lecturing, I have always a huge thirst for knowledge and a immense curiosity to learn new techniques and tools, so I try to study as much as I can in order to improve my skills as a Concept Designer


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